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In the Iraq war a similar perspective followed. The U.S attacked Iraq in conjunction with Europe on the pretext of security threats and claimed Iraq was in possession of weapons of mass destruction were offering support to Al-Qaeda, and were operating a government that violated human rights, especially those of women. The invasion of Iraq took place in March 2003 even though no evidence of such weapons was found by the prior UN investigation and therefore the UN never supported the invasion.

However, since then, the U.S has failed to discover any evidence of weapons of mass destruction, no connections of Al-Qaeda with Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath regime and much improvement in the autonomy enjoyed by Iraqi citizens, especially women. Just like the war in Vietnam affected those in Southern California, the war in Iraq seemed to have aggravated most of the U.S population as popularity rates keep falling and new governments are elected on the mandate to put an end to the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq by the U.S soon. U.S marines seem to die for very little and the large number of civilian deaths warrant against the war. As of 2007 between “22,180 – 23,693” (Michaels) insurgents have been killed since the invasion according to USA today, where as the number of civilians killed far outnumber them totaling between “94,349 – 102,949” (Iraq Body Count). Moreover, David Petraeus claimed that “we haven’t seen any lights at the end of the tunnel,” (Dobbs) in his testimony against the U.S Congress in 2008, urging a delay in the withdrawal of troops. As such, the people at home have developed a counterculture where they support the withdrawal of troops and actively proclaim to end both the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq.

Moreover, the freedom of the autonomy of women which was one of the main objectives of the U.S led invasion of Iraq has not been as fruitful as they claim. Previously, Iraq was considered to be a third world Islamic country that curbed the freedom of women whether it was related to movement, education or even public appearances. Saddam Hussein’s presidency was widely criticized to adhere to a male chauvinistic approach to government and women who wore revealing clothes or rebelled in any other way against the rules of the government were scorned upon and punished with beatings or in case of adultery, public execution. As always, this was a personal matter that a country is supposed to address internally but the Bush administration cited the liberation of women as one of the objectives of the Iraq invasion.

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