Sample Essay

Research into the field using 20th century technology has increased the understanding and appreciation for the benefits of chiropractic medicine. In 1979 there was a Commission report printed in New Zealand. The primary goal of this report was to assess the efficiency and safety of chiropractic using interviews from health professionals. The government at the time found that this profession was a positive and beneficial practice as a branch of health care. In 1993 the Manga report was printed by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

This published report was meant to be a collection of all the literature available regarding the cures available for lower back pain. Their report also review international evidence and showed that the practice of chiropractic was better than conventional medical treatment in “terms of scientific validity, safety, cost-effectiveness and patient satisfaction.” (Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic 2010)

Despite its achievement chiropractors in the United Kingdom have only slowly gained the reputation and validity afforded to them by the U.K government. It was not until June 2001 that the title of the professional chiropractor came under the protection of the law and gained validity in the eyes of the public (Chiropractors Warwick 2009). The British Chiropractic Association currently registers 50% of the practicing chiropractors in the country and only accepts members who have completed degrees affording four years of accredited education and training (British Chiropractic Association 2010).

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