Sample Essay

Through help from assessment, diagnosis and prognosis we now come to a point where we understand that madness can be reason behind crime and someone cannot be judged if he or she was not of sound mind while committing the act. Ever since the middle ages the author says that there has been an increasing appropriation on the need for establishment of the truth before the deliverance of judgment (Foucault, 1995 p.19).

While it is true that once the sensation of physical pain and torture was use to inflict punishment on these individuals, now the purpose is not to inflict physical pain but to control the physical aspects of the body in order to correct the soul. That is why madness cannot be used a reason to convict someone, since the punishment of such a person would do nothing but incite public pity. It is much better to act as overseers of society according to the author and realize that the only way to change their viewpoint towards the law is to turn the law into a subject to be reckoned and the subject who is accused into an object to be changed at will. If the subject becomes an object to be changed he will have no choice but to follow the mark imposed upon him, such is the true power of enlightenment (Foucault, 1995 p.187).

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