Sample Essay


Barack Obama passed a health care reform bill in 2010.  This bill before its passing and after its passing has been the subject of intense debate amongst politicians, healthcare professionals, lawyers and general public. The manner in which it became a part of legislation and its subsequent implementation has raised many eyebrows. The most important issue circulating these days is whether Obama’s Health care plan is constitutionally legal? Can it be challenged in a court of law? Does it violate fundamental rights of U.S citizens?

We will explore this issue in detail and try to establish whether Obama’s health care bill was a legislation which was in sync with the American constitution or whether its constitutional status is questionable.

Significance of this Bill

The election of Obama as U.S president was a landmark event in world politics. President Obama made several promises, one of which was a universal, cheap healthcare reform. He was also critical of George Bush as the former president took many steps which violated the constitution. Hence, it is imperative to analyze whether the Obama health Care plan is constitutional or not. In the context of inter- state relationship and parameters of constitution, it is important to know whether this legislation oversteps the parameters of U.S constitution. It would also shed important insight into the Obama presidency.

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