Sample Essay

Additionally, it is also inevitable that the adoption of the internet will eventually lead to the diminishing use of television and radio as a form of media. The evidence of this can be easily seen if we consider the fact that the inherently low cost and boundless nature of the internet is leading to the slow demise of newspapers and other print media. It will not be long before companies who consolidate and own this technology see it fits to only promote the internet as a form of media dissemination. Thus, completely excluding those who do not have access or the knowledge of using Digital and Information technology (Compaine).

When we speak of net neutrality we are speaking of one of the founding principles that the internet is based upon. It is based upon the principle that all users of the internet regardless of standing in society should have equal access to any web content they choose without any limitations or restrictions set by companies which provide them with the internet. Companies which provide internet services are of course brain storming ways in which they may gain even greater profits from consumers who use this technology. They have thus come up with ways to restrict their service and provide funds for themselves while deciding what content should be available for viewers to access.

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