Sample Essay

Countries rather than following Islamic law to the letter from justice and penal codes which are built around it and are made to serve their citizens in the best way possible. The different interpretations of these laws show how abortion can have different status in legality in different Islamic countries. In the case where Sharia law is obtuse or vague regarding the application of its tenants and the legal code does not specify certain terms such as what constitutes a deformity. In such a case it is up to judges of those countries to decide whether or not an abortion is legal or illegal taking the Sharia and the law into account (Asman, 2004).

Given the statement regarding the status of the fetus till 4 months, can an argument be made that abortion should at least be considered in some cases in Islamic countries, perhaps if only in those cases where a sufficient medical reason exists to warrant one? One case in which warrants the attention of its legalization would be in a situation where the woman is far too young to have the child. In such cases the woman’s body has not developed to a point where she can have the child safely. Thus, giving birth would not only be dangerous to the child’s health, but to the health of the mother as well.

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