Sample Essay

The advancement in multimedia technologies as well as the reduction in the cost of high speed Internet connection has made it possible for people to received large amount of data in short time. This has changed their habits from simple access of information to download of audio and video contents. Also the greater availability of the Internet has also allowed them to access these contents while also allowing them to interact with other people regardless of their location whenever the need arises. Social networking sites such as Facebook, allows the combination of these two activities under one umbrella, hence text as well as other media can be shared in real time with a large number of people while a conversation or a discussion is taking place.

Interaction and collaboration in large organizations is always a cumbersome task, hence these organizations always tend to rely on collaboration tools which would not only allow them to communicate in real-time but would also provide a platform where they can share information resources with employees. The Facebook website provides these businesses with such a tool free of cost.

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