Sample Essay

The Japanese Americans were forced towards the camps, as a consequence of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor,where they were faced with various difficulties. The sequel of Journey to Topaz tells about the change that was awaiting the Japanese community in the U.S. as they return from the camps (Uchida 56). Although the family of Yuki expresses utmost fidelity for the land where they live, moreover Yuki’s brother, Ken, has lost his leg in the war where he fought for the U.S (Uchida 79).

The theme of non-acceptance is reflected in the instances of the assails by the ‘agitators’ of the U.S. who ‘threatened’ the ‘Japanese’ in the ‘camps’ and ‘turned their anger at being in camp against anyone who, like papa(of Yuki), worked with the administration to keep the camp running smoothly’ (Uchida 5). In addition, the ‘agitators’ went on to ‘throw a stink bomb into their barack rooms’ (Uchida 5).

Yushiko Uchada’s Journey Home is the autobiographical novel that tells the story of an immigrant family which has to face bias by the very community they had inhabited for several years. The novel reflects how the immigrant families, like that of Yuki’s, have to face torture , detention and subsequent discrimination for the wrong doings of the politicians. Yuki’s character represents the immigrant individual who undergoes the agony of separation with her family and friends and once she, with her family, returns from the detention the series of difficulties restarts for Yuki’s families.

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