Sample Essay

Cyndia Zwahlen of Los Angeles Times writes in one of her articles, published on February 09, 2009, that shedding of employees would continue to happen in 2010. She is considering bigger and mid-sized firms for having bigger effects of recession. Smaller organization in California will continue to run normally even when they are not profiting that much and having a downfall in cutting down the jobs too. She is quoting many advisers and economists in her article that besides losing 1 million jobs, there are more to go in upcoming year.

After that some statistics has been told, 175,000 jobs rack-up occurred in January i.e. 0.4% from the previous readings in the small-business employment. Out of 50.9 billion, nearly 1 million or we can say 2% jobs were knocked off in February, 2008. This is not it and probably a year is left to get out of this recession situation. She quotes Joel Prakken, chairman of Macroeconmic Advisors that a stimulus package offered by the govt. are also going to remainĀ  astray because the unemployment is caused by one of the core causes of recession i.e. loss is gross domestic product. The gross domestic product is calculated every three months, i.e. a quarter. In the coming year there are chances of improvement in GDP rate in the second or third quarter. When the recession situation will be getting better, small organizations will recover on the first place as compared to the others. The figures of mid-sized organizations calculate cut-down of 255,000 out of 44 million employees in January, then 92,000, and finally they shed 92,000 jobs.

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