Sample Essay

A question does arise then whether or not job performance is at all related to job satisfaction in the workplace. The 1999 study took into account how neuroticism was an essential component to the attainment of job satisfaction in individuals (Judge, Higgins, Thoresen, and Barrick 1999). This finding though congruent does not fully explain whether or not an individual can find satisfaction within his work as well as promotional and monetary success. Though there is no particular study found which investigates this particular personality trait there is one which found a 0.3 correlation between job performance and job satisfaction (Judge, et al., 2001).

There is also a question that how gender roles come into play towards choices in professional careers and how differently women and men perceive the very idea of success. Obviously consideration can be given that due to the inherent differences in basic tendencies and external influences women will develop personality traits which are different than men and which will define their occupation existence. The topic of discussion then becomes whether or not the attainment of such goals are actually seen by women as a form of career success.

A study regarding how difference in gender roles and personalities influenced the career planning decisions of Swiss medical students found that the personality traits in women were more consistent with Conscientiousness, Extraversion and Agreeableness while men showed Neuroticism and Openness to experience. The terms used to describe these personality traits in women included kindness, generosity, familial obligation, job security and emotional understanding, while men showed traits defined by emotional control, confidence in themselves, revenue, status and individuality (Buddeberg-Fischer, et al,  2003).

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