Sample Essay

Behind the moon by Hsu-Ming Teo chronicles the story of three friends and their journey towards discovering themselves and the boundaries of their friendship. It follows them as children when they find each other due to their alienation from others and then follows them as their bond fades through the years eventually finding their way back to each other. It then shows how their friendship holds them together despite the various difficulties in their lives (Teo). Johnno is a book written from the first person perspective b y author David Malouf.

It follows the story of the narrator Dante and his friendship with his schoolmate Johnno in Brisbane in the 1940s and 50s. In this coming of age story there is one instance where the main character crosses a boundary and transcends his own perceptions about his life and his family (Malouf). This essay will focus on four different examples in the two books where characters cross certain borders or boundaries and how these crossings affect their identities in their respective worlds.

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