Sample Essay

Yoshiko Uchida’s Journey Home is written about a Japanese American family which undergoes various hurdles during their way back to home. The author Yoshiko Uchida herself belonged to an immigrant family. The novel is an autobiographical account of Uchida who saw the horrors of the aftermath of the Second World War. Journey Home is a sequel to Journey to Topaz (1971). The dominant theme of the novel is that family and community are the cores of life which are the sources of provision of support and emotional satisfaction to those who, like Yuki’s family, live away from their native country as aliens. Another important theme that the novelist brings to light is that how the decisions of politicians can affect the lives of the people of a community which has to survive amid the hurdles through mutual support and integrity.

The importance of fidelity and traditions of one’s family is evident throughout the novel. Moreover the author portrays the integrity of the community of Japanese immigrants in the U.S. who prove their utmost fidelity to the land they inhabit and face discrimination from the American population. The story is about the struggle of a surviving family that has to face discrimination in the country where they have been living as immigrants for many years and they have to fight for the search of their identity in an alien land.

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