Sample Essay

The fourth effect of the immigration in hope of a better future is the absence of consistency of the Afghan boys in their stay in a particular land and subsequent continuation of the journey towards Europe. While most of the migrants tend to leave their country in search of a future absent in their home lands, the Afghan boys are found more determined to seek their destiny than other migrants therefore they are found inconsistent as they do not stay more than a ‘few weeks’ as many ‘want to continue their journey’ to the U.K or Scandinavia. ‘Everyone belives’, says Foulkes, ‘that somewhere in Europe, life must be better’ (Foulkes, 2003).

The petty migrants especially the Afghan boys leave their country in order to escape the threats posed by various forces. Another cause for leaving their country is the hope for a better future. The subsequent effects of the causes of immigration are the dangers into which the immigrants including the Afghan boys are encircled during their journey which prove to be so terrible that some of the boys are destined to face demise. Another effect being the manipulation of the immigrants at the hands of the smugglers while the absence of provision of basic needs to the immigrants is another effect of the immigration. Another effect of the cause of immigration for finding a better future is the continuance of their journey towards more distant European countries.

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