Sample Essay

Koki chi’s tale is different from other accounts of the Samurais in the sense that he belonged to the lower rank while the others who have written autobiographies were the poets or the statesman. Maui from his childhood was different from the Samurais ideal as he used to fight with the other children (Kokichi & Teruco, 10) and used to steal his mother’s money (Kokichi & Teruco, 11) although he had samurai essence in his blood as he wished to commit harakiri (Kokichi & Teruco, 13) to avenge the boys who have beaten him.

He enjoyed visiting brothels and drinking parties  (Kokichi & Teruco, 44) and he lied to his brother when he stole money from his brother (Kokichi & Teruco, 46). The era of Takugawa was that of peace but posed many problems for the Samurais and Musui is shown of facing the problems. He sells sword and takes his friend to Yoshiwara to pretend of his power (Kokichi & Teruco, 111). The author demonstrates the deteriorating condition of the Samurais through his actions which held in sharp contrast to the chivalrous lives of the traditional Samurais. The fact was that the economic condition was responsible for the social actions of the Samurais than the author himself.

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