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There is an accord between all the members of the WTO to set out some core standards regarding labors. This includes freedom of labor, forced labor, child labor, and discrimination at work which also included the gender discrimination (Torres).

One thing which should be kept in mind is that while the agreement between the labor standards and the WTO will have to play a vital role in the poor countries but desired results would not be achieved by applying the same policy in the industrialized or developed countries. Those who are in support of the labor standards believe that the enforcement of labor standards through the WTO would help in improving the working conditions and wages of workers in poor countries and eventually it would also have an effect on the wage difference between different countries (Stern).

Apart from that some observers argue that the minimum labor standards in the WTO can be justified on humanitarian grounds and the reason for that is because in most parts of the developing countries and developed counties the labor force is misused and their rights are very often violated. In counter reply those who believe that labor standards does not have a direct relationship with international trade propose that, in developing countries other sections of the economy are more likely to violate the labor standard and the intentional trade and the export sector of that country is most unlikely to conform with the labor standards. The primary reason this issue is raised in the WTO is because it is feared that as trade expands with those countries who have a weak labor standards they would be facing competitive pressure and the result would be observed as increase in the labor standards violation (Dymond).

Some of the economist believe that the improvement in the core labor standards are the primary objective but they do not consider the fact that the introduction of these standard would prove to be counterproductive reason being this innovation would block he imports from countries and as a result their economic growth would be damaged. Another matter of concern which was raised by the government of the counties is that if a country does not maintain its core labor standards or weaken the standards then other countries might also get incited in lowering their standards just to maintain their competitiveness (Stern).

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