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One of the latest advances in the field of telecommunication is MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output). The latest research has led to the incorporation of MIMO into the latest standard of Wireless LAN, named 802.11n. This has made it possible to achieve speeds up to 600Mbps which was only restricted to 54Mbps in previous standards. This standard also incorporates the latest version of wireless security, WPA2, which implements the new more powerful AES-based algorithm as well as CCMP (Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code), the latest replacement to previously used TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) security protocol (Dean).

Despite the fact that efforts have been constantly underway to improve the security in wireless LAN, there are several issues that still remain unresolved. For example, access control attacks are still possible on Wi-Fi networks, which are done by either sending probe requests or by listening to beacons. An attacker can also reconfigure the MAC address of his pirate access point so that it appears authorized on the network. Further, the creation of backdoor and installation of unsecured Access point inside the firewall also creates a loophole in the security. Furthermore, attacks such as denial of service can be easily carried out on Wi-Fi networks through capture of 802.1X EAP packets. Other techniques such as frame injection, RF jamming or beacon flooding can be also used to make a Wi-Fi channel busy thus denying service through that channel  (SecuringMyNetwork Website).


Wireless network has found its significant use in home as well. A typical home wireless network uses a wireless router enabled through Wi-Fi standard  The advancement in telecommunication technologies has also improved the capabilities of Wi-Fi, however, security still remain a core concern in Wi-Fi networks. Despite tremendous improvement in security mechanism that can be employed on a wireless network, some issues such as access control and denial of service attacks are still open and further effort is required from the research community for them to be resolved.

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