Sample Essay

Diverse definitions of leadership and leadership structures do exist in the world. The understanding of leadership could be argued from the context of both groups and teams in organizations and at family level. Levi (2001) describes leadership as “…a common procedure through which an individual actually influences the progress of other group members toward the attainment of a given set goal” (p.174). Johnson and Johnson (2006) state that “a leader is a person who can influence others to be more effective in working to achieve their mutual goals and maintain effective working relationships among members” (p.168).

Both developing and developed countries have the understanding of the fact that both women and men have a crucial role which they ought to play in society if development and a socially, economically and spiritually healthy society are to exist. The global environment is very complex and need proper understanding in order to ensure that women’s leadership in the society is well supported (Carlyle,1984). Great women leaders such as Mother Teresa, Grace Abbott, Oprah Winfry, Janet Jackson, Grace Marcel of South Africa, Mary Leakey, Dian Fossy, Beatrice Medicine, Clara Thompson and Queen Elizabeth are some of the very many great women leaders that have emerged in various fields in their lives. Despite the many challenges that the women faces, they were able to emerge as people of substance could withstand opposition from me and ensure that their missions, goals and missions were fully achieved in their lives.

The concept of social networking has also enabled easy communication through the many social networking platforms that have enabled communication to be fully coordinated (Carlyle,1984). Networking throughout the world has continued to enable free communication, interaction and thus ease of exchange of information based on a number of platforms. Indeed the woman is traditionally always involved in the nurturing roles (Wilkinson, 1988, pp.40-56). Due to the ever evolving social and cultural trends in the modern society, women have continued to nurture their leadership roles in care giving and motherhood.

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