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Essay: Leadership Skills | Term Paper Queen

Sample Essay

Leadership skills: The CEO or the director of the organisation must possess certain leadership qualities so that he/she would lead from the front in order to implement the quality based processes of ISO 9001:2000 (Rath and Conchie 2009). In the similar manner he/she must be a transformational leader that can easily convince its employees and he/she must possess the attributes of leading by example.

Aligning the objectives of the organisation: The objectives of the organisation must be aligned in such a way that all the employees of the organisation must be well aware of the fact that they have to work well in order to ensure that quality oriented operations is implemented at every division so that these processes would be beneficial for the organisation in both the short and the long run (Griffin 2006).

Total Quality Management: Quality and value at every step must be added in the product and service because without the implementation of this process an organisation cannot achieve the international standards of ISO 9001:2000 (Besterfield and Besterfield 2002). That is the reason why all the employees must work hard and add a certain amount of value in every process.

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