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Essay: Lifestyle Observation | Term Paper Queen

Sample Essay

1)      From my perspective of the culture and practices within my country, the facets mentioned, i.e. energy use, food, consumer products and mass transit define the quality of life for all individuals. It is through the affordability and quality of these facets that social classes are decided. For me energy and access to a mass transit system is readily available and is affordable for the general public. However, food and consumer products have religious restrictions which are decided by my government according to their interpretation of religious law.

Even though the availability of such items is geared towards public safety and the long term physical and financial health of individuals such as myself. Their availability is not catered towards individuals with alternative lifestyles. In fact alternative lifestyles are discouraged not only by the government but also the general public. Society here cannot accept individual decisions which place people outside their social norms. When faced with such decisions they ignore such individuals, criticize them or react towards them violently.

Even though our social values are not geared towards being environmentally conscious, changes towards decreasing our carbon footprint are being made every day. However, such changes are introduced only if they do not interfere with the normal framework of society. Since we have an abundance of oil, the general public seems ignorant to the future dangers of inaction and the government in many ways follows suit.

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