Sample Essay


Ukraine is one of the neighboring countries of Russia with unstable political conditions as the two major political parties have conflicting issues and the level of opposition is quite high. The economy of the country is based on agriculture, mineral resources, and machinery and transportation equipment. Imports from Russia constitute a significant part of the country’s total imports which provides the proposed company with well established distribution channels and easy access to the market of Ukraine. The legal and social environment of the country is also quite suitable for international trade as this poses no direct risks to exporting companies.


The economy of Finland is heavily based on industrialization with strong emphasis on metal products, machinery, electronic and scientific instruments and appliances. All these products require large volumes of Light Emitting Diodes which provides a very attractive proposition for manufacturers of Light Emitting Diodes. The political and legal systems of the country are stable in terms of consistency of policies and procedures especially for international trade. The country is also host to one of the largest cellular phone manufacturer in the world which requires a very high volume of Light Emitting Diodes as components for its cellular phones. The country imports large volumes of components for manufacturing various electronic items which provides an attractive environment for manufacturers of these components.

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