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Essay: Linguistic Expectancy Bias Theory | Term Paper Queen

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This finding can be verified using a study conducted by Wigboldus, Semin and Spears on the “linguistic expectancy bias.” The linguistic expectancy bias is a theory which states that expectations of the speaker with regards to the information which they can provide and they can gain has a far more abstract nature. This abstract nature occurs more in cases of expectancy consistent conversations and can end up challenging the listener’s stereotypical beliefs as well. An example of this would be if the speaker tried to recall a story and attempt to say it in his own words (Wigboldus, Semin, & Spears, 2000).

However, as mentioned there is a danger that the stereotype will become rigid and be ascribed to not only an individual but also to an entire race. An example of this may be that if a Japanese student learns that “British are formal,” such an overgeneralization is very dangerous since it can only offer a minor understanding of a much larger culture. There is also another danger that given these stereotypes an individual will have false preconceptions about the social group and will only end up seeing what they wish to see. Given their limited foresight they may act in a certain manner befitting that stereotype which would end up causing resentment, argument or even conflict (Ren & Wang, 2006).

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