Sample Essay

Question 2: In addition to supporting tighter delivery schedules, how else are logistics service providers supporting their customers? In your opinion, is this “good” for the long-term competitive position of the logistics providers? Why?


The logistic services are providing several value added services to their customers apart from delivering goods on tight schedules. These value added services include tending to customs regulations on behalf of customers, packing and delivering the products as per customer requirements and specifications and providing direct shipment to stores instead of warehouses. The trend in these value added services indicate that logistic services are providing more and more value added services due to high competition in the industry. The impact of these services on the long term would affect logistic services quite adversely as customers would become habitual of these services and would take them for granted. If logistic services stop providing these services customers would divert to other companies for their logistic needs. These services entail a trend of competition which is quite unhealthy as companies would start focusing on issues related to these services and the main objectives and strategies would be undermined (Bozarth, 2006).

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