Sample Essay

To bring in further improvement to the business, ClubIT must achieve a number of short term and long term goals. One of the short term goals is to implement an information management system in order to improve processes in the sales, inventory and employee management departments. Also, separate systems also need to be implemented in order to improve the decision making capabilities of the owners, the capability to serve customer quickly and efficiently as well to exercise control over underage selling of alcoholic drinks. ClubIT also need to make further use of it online presence, and its website can be used to sell a wider range of products, which would significantly improve sales.

The website can be further extended to provide online transaction capabilities for tickets to the live events as well as to reserve table and pre-order menu.  The most prominent long term goal of ClubIT is to become one of the finest venues for entertainment and night life.  For this, the owner also plan to open a second club at a different place which would offer the same quality of entertainment and energy as the people have come to expect from ClubIT. Furthermore, the Club is also expected to expand the level of relationship it maintains with its partners and business suppliers by expanding the range of products that it currently offers to its customers (Rainer & Turban, 2008).

The role of information systems in achieving these goals will be very significant. The use of information systems would allow ClubIT to align the use of Information technology with its goals. A significant portion of the problems at ClubIT is related to the management, storage and processing of information from various sources efficiently and quickly. The use of information systems such as Customer Relationship Management and Inventory Management software would not only allow ClubIT to make its process more effective and efficient while allowing the information from these processes to be used in analysis as redesign of the process in accordance with both short and long term goals of the company.

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