Sample Essay

It is expected that the steadily rising demand in Light Emitting Diodes will continue to grow at a much higher rate in the future as the use of technology based products increases in the future. Furthermore the need for alternative energy sources will also lead to light sources based on Light Emitting Diodes due to lower consumption of energy which would push the demand for the company’s products much higher. The management of the company will focus on enhancing the quality of products while keeping the prices at lower levels.

In order to meet any unexpected changes in the market due to new entrants or new technology the research and development department will continuously and vigorously work on developing newer products and researching newer technologies. The company will start earning profits in the early years of operations due to high level of sales to the parent company and local market of Russia. The company will also expand its business into foreign markets of Asia and Europe to attain a higher level of profit creating a better image of the company and increasing shareholders’ value. In the long run the company may also require additional funding to setup new manufacturing facilities which will be obtained either through issuing additional shares or long term debt. The company will thrive to establish its brand as the industry leader by providing products of consistent quality and introducing innovative products in the market. The expected sales of the company are projected to remain stable in the first 5 years of operations and the company will take measures to achieve a sales level of $3.5 million by the end of the 10th year. The company will also setup sales and service centers in various parts of Asia and Europe to provide better access to the customers of these regions.

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