Sample Essay

Automobile navigation systems are navigation device which use GPS satellites to receive position data and assist the driver in reaching his or her destination by giving directions on display map (Suggitt , 2005). One of such navigation aid is Magellan’s new Premium Car Kit for iPhone and iPod Touch. This kit turns the iPhone or iPod into a navigation system when combined with an IPhone GPS navigation application such Magellan’s RoadMate iPhone app (Taylor, 2010).

Apart from its core offering of being able to assist the driver in navigation, it also offers several non-core offerings as well. The Kit itself is easy to install on the dashboard with a cradle for iPhone that holds it snuggly with or without its protective cover. The Roadmap application is easy to use as well, assisting the drivers with aids such as display of project trip distance and estimated time of arrival. It also offers an ease to navigate interface with simple clicks on the symbols revealing details about points of interest, destinations and contacts. It also has a simple but well organized main menu. The application also has multi-language support and also has a feature for audible navigation instruction which allows the driver to keep his/her eyes on the road. The application also adjusts the course automatically if a turned is missed. The phone also features 3D mapping technology which is very pleasing to look at and even easier to understand for navigation as compared to 2D mapping. Furthermore, the car kit’s adapter also kept the iPhone charged all the time it’s plugged in, which eliminates the perpetual battery drain issues.  All in all, Magellan’s Premium Car Kit with RoadMate iPhone app is a must have for any driver (Taylor, 2010).

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