Sample Essay

1)      Our religion has commandment which tells us to only indulge in such resources while maintaining the fragile balance of nature. However, the government in my country is not shaped by ecological or religious concerns rather their primary concerns are geared towards maintaining their supremacy over the world’s oil. As mentioned before even though efforts have been made to reduce our carbon footprint general efforts are slow. There is impatience among the public and the government, in their attitude towards the proper attainment and application of resources, while giving consideration to what effect it has on the environment.

It is important to me that I maintain some semblance of individuality, since I truly believe that it is only promotion of such individuality among those who are willing to listen which will eventually bring a notable change in society. My society is not one which is quick or even willing to change. Thus, it is important for me to be self-sustaining before sharing such ideas as I do not believe familial dependence would lend itself well to my situation. I truly believe that in the short term one way to promote change would be through the instilment of simple ideals through me and my children.

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