Sample Essay

The major threat present to the Players Championship is by “Majors”. The “Majors” of golf tournaments include the Masters Tournament which is organization by Augusta National Golf Club as an invitational, the US Open, which is hosted by the US Golf Association, the Open Championship also called the British Open organized by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews as well the PGA Championship which organized by Professional Golfers Association of the US.

The four major tournaments that are held each year are the prime target of every golfer in the world, as they allow the players to build their reputation among official organizations, an opportunity to earn a place in history as well as accumulate money. Though the top prizes in these tournament is not the highest, however, if a player wins these tournament one or more times, then his changes of getting large bonuses from sponsorship increase tremendously. The place of these tournaments is also recognized by the PGA tour which gives a five-year exemption to all the majors’ winners. The major tournament also received tremendous courage on media including television with major sports channel such as ESPN continuously covering the tournaments live.  Other TV channels providing coverage also include NBC, CBS and TNT. All major tournaments have particular characteristics attached to them which make them unique. The Masters Open, for example, is an invitation only tournament which invites less than 100 top players each year for the competition. The US Open is famous for its difficult courses and challenging fairways, greens and rough. The British open has a tradition of being played on a links–style course, while the PGA championship is traditionally played at a parkland club in the US. In this regard, the Players championship can also increase its market as having a strong tradition and by making itself more exclusive. Also, it can   target the interest of people who live outside the US as well to increase its competitiveness and value (PGA Tour, 2010).

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