Sample Essay

The next hot button discussed in the eighteenth chapter is making people smarter which relates to a desire of acquiring knowledge. This desire is primarily connected with the desire of control and people tend to acquire knowledge to be in control. People want to acquire knowledge for three main purposes. The first purpose is to acquire knowledge for intelligence, the second purpose is to learn newer ways of accomplishing tasks and the third purpose is to make better decisions. The fifteenth hot button is power….

dominance and influence and the author presents that this hot button is related to the desires of control and recognition. People desire to have power and dominance over others and want to influence others and this desire can be satisfied through products with high prices and which are associated with luxury and good image. The sixteenth and last hot button discussed in the book by Feig is wish fulfillment which is relates to satisfaction of general wants and wishes. It encompasses all other desires and hot buttons discussed previously in the book. This hot button can be used for marketing all types of products and services (Feig, 2006).

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