Sample Essay

A very illuminating moment in the film is the interview that Mr. Moore has with pediatrician Aleida Guevara. She correctly observes that Cuba is an island with little or no resources which still manages to cater free health care for its people because it is needed within their society. So if a society that is as poor as Cuba can manage to take care of its citizenry. Then why is it beyond the capabilities of a country of far greater resources such as the United States (Moore, 2007).

The conflict theory today exists in a state which does not give importance to any one factor seen as being integral to fulfilling social institutions. Nor do they group according to their different vested interests.  Current theories place this form of perspective at two levels. One is the micro and the other the macro level (Budrys).

Conflict theorists who focus on the micro level believe that there is a social hierarchy to the health industry that starts with the patients at the bottom. This is followed by physicians who are under the servitude of organizations such as hospitals and insurance companies. This form of organized health care is known as managed care. In many cases managed care requires that patients ask prior approval from insurance companies before seeking health care. The film shows several instances where the original altruistic motive of this idea has turned into an ugly beast. One example is of a woman having to pay her dues for an ambulance service to a nearby hospital, simply because she did not ask her health care provider for prior approval.

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