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Essay: Management Summary | Term Paper Queen

Sample Essay

The management of the company will be structured to efficiently accomplish departmental and organizational goals. The scalar chain of command would be utilized with a narrow span of management. The management of the company would be responsible for value maximization of shareholders through high sales volumes to increase the net profit of the company. The responsibility of the management also includes value creation in terms of brand and company image.

The company management will include the Chief Executive Officer with vast experience and significant knowledge of running a manufacturing business preferably in the field of Light Emitting Diode or an alternative technology similar to Light Emitting Diode.  The Chief Financial Officer of the company will be responsible for the financial structure, planning and control of the organization with experience in relevant field. The Chief Operating Officer will be responsible for the overall manufacturing, marketing and sales of the company. The management style of the company will be goal oriented with high standards for quality and a cooperative model for decision making will be applied in the earlier years of business. The management and leadership style of the company can be summarized through the organizational structure and people in the management team. The vital planning for human resource requirements is done through a personnel plan outlining the number of departments and the people required for these departments at various levels of the organization.

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