Sample Essay

Any windows XP user would be pretty much familiar with the Control Panel tab. The control panel acts as the main blueprint for windows XP. Control panel includes different kinds of applets that are used for changing the configuration and settings of your system including installation of new hardware, add or remove program etc.

One of the most important applets of the control panel is the System applet. The primary function of the system applet is to constitute a wide number of performance enhancing system settings. The system applet provides access to the general system properties that helps in increasing the overall performance of the system. As written before the system applet is found in the Control panel tab, but it could also be viewed by right clicking on my computer and then choosing properties (DiNicolo, 2007).

A part from providing general information it is mainly used for a better understanding of the system. The major properties of this applet include the option to change the name of the computer, automatically update the operating system, updating or installing drivers, access to remote access and remote assistance, setting of user profile and many other system performance options.

The major tabs associated with the system applet are, the general information about the system including the OS name, its version the memory installed, motherboard, and the registered user. Then comes the tab of the computer name, this is the place to change the computer name from workgroup to network domain. After that there is the hardware tab which gives detailed information about the hardware installed in the system, updating of the OS, automatically check for new drivers etc. Then there is the advanced tab which includes three major components that are performance, user profiles and startup and recovery. Under the performance option lots of visual effects options could be found. All in all the advance tab deals with the optimum level of system performance settings (Tech Metica, 2008).

Because the system applet incorporates such a large number of settings and configuration options, sometimes it could become a bit confusing, but with the passage of time and familiarity with these options it could become very handy in improving the overall performance of the system.

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