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Essay: Market Analysis of Light Emitting Diodes | Term Paper Queen

Sample Essay

Light Emitting Diodes can be found in almost all electricity based items today such as computers, telephones, cellular phones, air conditioners, microwave ovens and other electrical and electronic products. The market for Light Emitting Diodes is quite unsaturated with a higher demand side and a lower supply side. The demand for Light Emitting Diodes and products based on this technology is rising as more and more people and industries opt for alternatives to usual electrical products.

Recent times have seen significant growth in technology oriented products especially computers and cellular phones as more and more companies rely on these products to operate businesses effectively and efficiently. The target market for the proposed company includes all industrial, commercial and residential users of Light Emitting Diodes and Light Emitting Diode based products. The industrial processes involving the use of Light Emitting Diodes such as electronic appliances, computers, cellular phones and car manufacturers are primary customers of Light Emitting Diodes as these are used as components in a number of these products. A large part of the initial sales of the company include sales to the parent company. The target market for red, blue, yellow and green Light Emitting Diodes is electrical appliances manufacturing companies including the parent company. These manufacturing companies use these colors of Light Emitting Diodes as indicators in their products. Computer and cellular phone manufacturers also have high demand for Light Emitting Diodes in their products.

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