Sample Essay

The use of electronic devices, appliances, computers, cell phones and automobiles has increased to record levels in recent times. To meet this rising demand manufacturers have increased their capacity in producing these items and new companies are being started on a regular basis to fulfill rising demands. Due to increase in production of these items by manufacturing companies the demand for Light Emitting Diodes has also grown substantially.

Light Emitting Diodes are being used in conventional products as well as alternative products by various companies. Light Emitting Diodes are used in electronic appliances such as kitchen electronic appliances, refrigerators, air conditioners and televisions as indicators for power and level of use. Products like computers, microwave ovens, stereo systems and automobiles rely extensively on Light Emitting Diodes as indicators for various functions. The complex functionality and controls in airplanes, ships and trains require large quantities of Light Emitting Diodes for the smallest of functions and one airplane may require up to thousands of Light Emitting Diodes. Modern office and residential buildings also rely on Light Emitting Diodes for lighting functions and implementation of various building management functions. Countries in Europe and Asia are shifting to Light Emitting Diode bulbs for lighting entire cities and towns instead of traditional tungsten filament bulbs and lamps to conserve electricity.

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