Sample Essay

However, this would of course have to be balanced out by his admiration for the character which is done so when he learns the Russian return to Kurtz side even though he threatened to kill him if he did not hand over the ivory in his possession. Marlow speaks of how this fanaticism disturbs him and how he does not covet this feeling which seems to be embraced so eagerly by the Russian. However, it may simply be that Marlow is disturbed by his own fascination with Kurtz and how he his own dehumanization in these surroundings may be mirroring his own.

It is fitting then that Marlow would find the head spikes to be comforting in a way. Not only does it provide a tangible and understandable link to his current environment. It also provides a semblance of sanity since the very existence of the person beside him constantly seems in question. It seems apt then that the writer ties Towson’s book to this character making it his property and keeping the existence of the character questionable rather than outright decided.

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