Sample Essay

According to the reliable testimonials of spectators, Mr. Felts had no idea of being wounded at the time he was murdered and he did not get a chance to fire a single bullet. Subsequent to his killing, the shooting became general. Lee Felts and C. B. Cunningham, who were Albert Felts team mates, tried to escape and defend themselves, but both were unable to escape and got murdered as well. Other members of the group were chased and got killed at various sites in Matawan.

Moreover the Felts’ men who were executed in this carnage, three other men were murdered, together with Mayor Tester-man. Mayor Tester-man was, in the view of several people, murdered by Sid Hatfield. Furthermore, in a couple of weeks of the mass murder, Mayor Tester-man’s widow turned into Sid Hatfield’s bride (West Virginia Division of Culture and History).

Amongst the males who contributed in the massacre of Mr. Felts and his men, were Sid Hatfield, Fred Burgraff, Reese Chambers, Ed Chambers, Talt Chambers, Hallie Chambers, Charles Kiser, Ben Mounts, Doug Mounts, Art Williams, William Bowman, Bowser Coleman, Jim Overstreet, Clare Overstreet, N. H. Atwood, Van Clay, Jess Boyd, Lee Toler, John Patrick, and numerous others, whose personalities have not yet been recognized (West Virginia Division of Culture and History).

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