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Back in 1920, a place called Matawan faced a tragic moment on May 19th. The war between the owners of the mine and the workers of the mine ignited a battle, killing several people and households. The primary reasons behind the battle were the demands of the workers in terms of better money and household facilities which the owners and employers were reluctant to provide them. The miners were notified by the police to surrender the place and leave but they were persistent on their point and asked for a better wage and compensation. This paper is going to help the readers in understanding the true story of Matawan Massacre and its causes.

Matawan Massacre

The violence that occurred in 1920 was due to the facts of mine owner’s ignorant and sturdy nature. The workers there faced social injustices in terms of shelter, food and earnings. The basic reason of the workers to retaliate was the lack of shelter. The owners provided the employees with substandard camps to settle in along with their family (Reprogel).

At the daybreak of the 19th day of May, 1920, Albert C. Felts, who was associated with the Baldwin- Felts Detectives, Incorporated, and who was also a assistant sheriff of Mingo County, West Virginia, with twelve other men set out towards Matawan to throw out about half a dozen men who were illegally holding ownership of a number of accommodations belonging to the Stone Mountain Coal Corporation.

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