Sample Essay

Abdu’s ‘Mecca and Main Street’[1] analyzes various issues that emerged after the attacks of September 11 in the United States, as well as in different parts of the Muslim world. The book consists of different studies involving works of various journalists that identified a war of cultural and religious identity of Muslims in the USA.  After the 9/11 attacks, the American press has continued to criticize the  Muslim community in the U.S and other countries while attempting to portray the Muslim countries, especially Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc as the fundamental platforms for terrorists and terrorism. These countries are presented as a threat to the stability of the U.S. In this regard, this book will be very efficient in understanding the image of Saudi Arabia in the American press.

Role of the press in the post 9/11 situation can not be subsided as it is responsible for influencing the thought processes of the Americans in the United States. In specific, another author[2] has indicated the role of American press in portraying Saudi Arabia as a threat to the American society. One of the major reasons behind the presentation of a controversial image of Saudi Arabia in the American press is the assumption that Saudi Arabia is having a dual role in the global politics, the first as the holiest city of Islam, while the second is of a provider of a platform supporting terrorists of 9/11 attacks. This book consists of the criticism of American press that related Osama bin laden with the Saudi Arabia, a major factor that enabled American press in deteriorating its image.

[1] Abdu, Genève. 2007. Mecca and Main Street. Oxford University Press US

[2] Abu Khalil, As’ ad 2004. The Battle for Saudi Arabia. Seven Stories Press.

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