Sample Essay

There have been several events throughout my life which have influence of what I am today but one eye opening moment occurred in my life which changed my approach towards life dramatically. It goes back in the late 2005 when I was in high school aged 19. As I was getting elder the urge of making money increased and I decided to quit my studies in pursuit of making money. At that time the house hold that is the real estate mortgage business was considered as a very lucrative market.

As I have told before the biggest motivational factor that lead me into this frame of mind was to make my own identity and prove myself in front of my parents. I could have done this by completing my education and then getting a good job or running my own business but it would have taken some time.

After I quit my high school I got involved in real estate and mortgages business. As I was too young for this kind of an adventure and prior to this I had no experience what so ever regarding the real estate or mortgages it was expected that hurdles would be there on the way. Unexpectedly it started quiet well, as at that point of time the real estate market was at its very peak. I started making money out of it and felt proud that I have been able to stand on my own feet’s at this age when my colleagues and friends were still studying and depending on their parents.

This was another factor that really turned me on as the phenomenon of an independent life style and freedom pushed me forward into this business. From the very first day my family was against this adventurism. According to them currently form me studies and educations should be on the upmost priority rather than making money, but as I have told before the passion and dream of making my own money drew me. I remember my father used to say to my mother that let him do what he wants to do some day or the other he would realize that without getting proper education no one can become successful in life. In reply to this I used to give the Bill Gates was also a dropped out from Harvard University but eventually turned out to become the wealthiest person in the world. My father used to laugh on this and that laugh made me even more passionate about what I was going to do.

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