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Essay: Memory Management | Term Paper Queen

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Programming languages are designed to simplify the ways of problem solving. A task can be done in many different ways but it would be worthwhile if that task is accomplished in an optimized format i.e. with the solution which is time effective, cost effective and also resource effective. Only that style of programming is appreciated and promoted which helps in saving the consumption of system resources. Memory of a computer system is the most significant to be managed so that the least amount of memory is consumed.

The reason is that it will help in fast execution of a program. This paper discusses different memory management techniques in order to facilitate programming languages in saving the consumption of memory. First of all it discusses the three types; manual, semi automatic and automatic techniques for memory management. Furthermore it discusses the methods following these techniques which include simple and dynamic memory allocation through allocators, object pooling, reference counting, and garbage collection etc. Programming languages use different memory management techniques according to their arrangements and all this is elaborated in the last of this paper.

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