Sample Essay

A number of methods are available for steganography. These methods exploit popular file formats to hide the information while keeping the original form of the medium intact. One of the most commonly used method for steganography is the use of images to hide text. These methods exploit the lenient constraints of the images to hide information.

The higher the detail of the image, the lower the constraint of the image on the amount of data it can hide. Another method used for steganography is the use of audio files. Different tools available for this purpose modify popular audio format files such as MP3 and WAV to hide information (Artz, 2001). However, these methods are less popular than image steganography images due to the bulky size of audio files. Data ordering is another method that can be used for steganography for hiding data that does not have an ordering constraint. In this method a permutation of a set of objects is mapped on to an integer. This mapping is then utilized to encode the data that is required to be hidden by modifying the order of the objects in way that appears unordered in the carrier medium.

A number of technologies have been implemented for performing steganography. For hiding information in images, software such as JPHide coefficient in the JPEG file formats for this purpose (Artz, 2001). Another type of software uses visually insignificant parts of the image to hide information, while an alternative technique manipulates the image palette of GIF image to store information. For detection of hidden messages two tools that can be used are information theory and statistical analysis. The goal of these methods is to detect any suspected stream inside the images or any other medium that may contain information recovering them if possible. Statistical analysis involves testing the image for modifications by analyzing how its statistical properties deviate from norm (Krenn, 2004). Information theory usage on the other hand involves the use of tools such as calculation of entropy (Kong, 2002).

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