Sample Essay

Diop introduced many methods to prove his ideology. He researched on linguistics as well along with anthropology, psychology, and history. Following is the description of few of them.

Diop researched on linguistics. Linguistic taxonomy distinguishes between the different genres of languages. These may be genealogical, areal, and typological (Winters 2008).

Genealogical makes the group of languages that have some common features from the divergence point of view. Areal groups those languages which have the same aspects by convergence from spatial proximity. Typological contains that class which has the common structure or appearance of structure and not any historical feature associated with origination (Winters 2008).

Diop implies the comparative method where comparative linguistics and historical ones evolve the commonality the process by which an African language evolves from Wolof language that is an Egyptian language. The Wolof, Egyptian, and African languages have the same mother dialects which can be referred as Paleo-African language, Negro African, and common African. Diop used comparative method to evaluate the common and uncommon features in order to reconstruct the antique languages. Aim of comparison is to sketch the history of the language and after that reaching to its original mother language and then to reconstruct it. This method helps to identify the languageā€™s spoiling factors, or the factors supporting this (Winters 2008).

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