Sample Essay

Fourth, and perhaps most important, the goals should be flexible. After all, the purpose is not to fail the student – on the contrary it has to be seen that true progress has been made. There has to be a stronger emphasis on conceptual understanding rather than the marks or grades received in the assessment. Often students who score low marks fail to express what they have understood when they have actually achieved the gist of the concepts. In such cases, it is highly recommended to frame objective questions rather than descriptive with clear and simple wording.

Fifth, counseling needs to be provided to students who consistently fail to meet the standards. Private meetings with the student are often advisable. In these meetings, it is important to gauge and ascertain the root causes of the lackluster performance of the student. Is it due to some domestic situation that the student is underperforming? If so, a meeting with the parents is in order. Other reasons for poor performance can be lack of interest, reading disability or some other unfortunate deficiency such as dyslexia.

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