Sample Essay

Another problem which is directly related to the main point of the research study as defined above lies in the direct restriction created by the active definition of the authors. The author’s contention of the defined “active definition” does not encompass the proper amount of exercise required by the youngsters in the survey, nor does it give consideration to the amount of exercise which the students receive in their schools. Rather, by the authors own contention it merely serves to exclude certain students from the criteria which has been set. The authors also contends that there is an obvious bias present in the paper since by their research the members of the lower socioeconomic persuasion seem to have lower levels of physical activity.

Moving away from the system the surveys are taken in we can see that the authors merely concentrates on the micro issues regarding physical education, while the other articles in some ways do acknowledge the existence of macro issues. The macro issues are those issues which involve how certain societal institutions affect the practice of physical education such as politics or religion. While the micro issues focus more on an individual level. They look towards the personal development of the individual such as that of health and self esteem.

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