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Another criterion is also present which can be used to assess the severity of the migraines which occur and the disabilities which can occur in co-morbidity in this condition. This criterion is defined as the Migraine disability assessment scale questionnaire or MIDAS. Using MIDAS the degree and severity of headaches can be assessed in order to ascertain the level of disability caused by the migraine in question (Goadsby, Lipton, & Ferrari, 2002 ). Alternative testing methods are also available such as standardized headache calendars which are used to record the severity, frequency, location, quality, features, and associations with symptoms and activities of the headaches in question and subsequently used to diagnose the form of migraine present (Bigal, Tepper, Sheftell, Rapoport, & Lipton, 2006).

It can be ascertained from the information above, that although history and examination are the primary means by which physician ascertain whether or not an individual is suffering from a migraine. There are still additional guidelines which are present to rule out the possibility of the presence of any other factors. The Canadian Headache society has created a set of guidelines to aid the diagnosis of migraines within the clinical field in their country. These guidelines represent a version of the standard methodology employed to diagnose this disorder around the world. It uses a modified version of the international health standard criteria and recognizes that the diagnosis of migraines is inherently difficult due to the supposed inability of the patient to provide accurate representation of his symptoms (Pryse-Phillips, et al., 1997).

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