Sample Essay

Migraines with auras differentiate themselves from migraines without auras by the presence of focal neurological features which can occur either before, concurrently or even in absence of the headache. Diagnosis of a migraine with typical aura requires the incidence of two attacks fulfilling the criteria which follow. Focal neurological symptoms such as visual or sensory or speech symptoms must be observed which are devoid of any form of motor weakness.

Symptoms related to vision and sensation is divided into positive symptoms such as the presence of flickering lights or spots and the sensation of pins and needles. Negative symptoms include loss of vision and numbness of sensations. Each of these symptoms are required to last for a period of 5 to 60 minutes and must occur either gradually over 5 minutes or with different symptoms occurring one after the other. The headache which occurs during the attack must fulfill the criteria set forth by migraines without auras. As before these symptoms must not be attributed to any other malady (Lipton & Bigal, 2006).

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