Sample Essay

Politicians use persuasion during election campaigns to win the votes of people. Journalists use different techniques of persuasion to win the opinion of people.  The army of persuasion, journalists, claims to present the facts about the events around them objectively but the truth is that the journalists have manipulated the people in the name of objectivity and have caused a severe danger to the reputation of politicians, states and religions all around the world.

It is often the establishment that sponsors the propaganda against a particular institution, state or religion. After 9/11 the most dangerous propaganda against Islam was ensued and journalists and media sponsors all over the world assailed the honor of Islam, second great religion after Christianity, and Muslims who were performing their services to humanity in different parts of the world. Another dangerous thing is that there have been no such precautions or measures taken to put a curb on the grim consequences of deceiving people through persuasion or propaganda.

The institutions of state also persuade people negatively in order to achieve their hidden agendas. Military persuasion is defined as art of using armed forces to support diplomacy, deterrence, crisis management, conflicts, peace operations and various military activities and it requires a harmony between policy makers and diplomats and also between force and diplomacy (Cimbala, 2002). Cymbal in his book presents the point that the United States must master the military persuasion because its sources for defense are limited.

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