Sample Essay

The right to negotiate is another legislation which is now being widely used to make contracts between the land owners and mining companies. This right allows mining companies to create a mine within the area which is negotiated with the land owners. The companies are now using both these paths in order to ensure that the costs of exploration and mining for their companies net them a profit in the future. While these negotiations also serve to safeguard the rights of indigenous peoples as they can decide how the outcome of these negotiations can best serve them. (Gillies, Cleworth, & Kapterian, 2008 p. 137-156)

The changing of mining attitudes has brought certain mining companies to the forefront due to these exchanges. One of these companies is known as Rio Tinto Ltd. Rio Tinto Ltd is one company which has signed over 30 mine development and exploration contracts since 1998. They have signed all these contracts outside of the jurisdictional native title process. They have also put agreements into effect which not only support and protect the land owners, but help them to build economically sustained communities (Gillies, Cleworth, & Kapterian, 2008 p. 137-156).

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