Sample Essay

Evaluate the mission statement and perform a SWOT analysis.
Answer. The mission statement of Darden Restaurants is as follows:

“To nourish and delight everyone we serve” (Darden Concepts, Inc, 2009).

A mission statement has to focus on the organization’s customers. It should be short and to the point (Jones & George, 2003).

This is a very short and clear mission statement. It is completely customer oriented and places the complete focus of all organization members – managers, employees and others – on the customers.

The mission statement of Darden Restaurants is a very good one in my opinion. Besides focus on customers, it also includes the needs of the customers that Darden aims to satisfy. It is also a mission statement that can easily be remembered by any one if they hear or read it once or twice.

SWOT Analysis


Darden’s main strength is the brand names that they own, such as Red Lobster and Seasons 52. An important strength of Darden is their size which they can use to ward off any new competition. Plus, their image in the eyes of competitors is also highly important as they have provided high quality food with superior service for many years and have developed a loyal and growing customer base. Perhaps their main strength is their management. An example of this is how diversity has been managed and used to benefit the company.

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