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Essay: Modern Masonry | Term Paper Queen

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After modern Masonry appeared in the 17th- or 18th-century Britain, some Freemasons claimed to have acquired the secrets of the Templers and adopted Templar symbols and terminology; naming certain levels of Masonic hierarchy after Templar “degrees,” for example.

“But those [Knights Templar] degrees and Masonic orders had no historic connection with the original Knights Templar,” Kinney explained. “These are myths or symbolic figures that were used by the Masons. But because the association had been made with these degrees and the degrees had perpetuated them, after a time it began to look like there had been a connection.”

Helen Nicholson, author of The Knights Templar: A New History, agrees that there is no possibility that Freemasons are somehow descended from the Knights Templar. By the time of the first Masons, the Cardiff University historian said, “there were no more Templers.” (Melanson)

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