Sample Essay

It is also compulsory to analyze role of woman in Ekwueni’s work ‘Jagua Nana’ which is one of the first novels written about modern urban life of Africa in the post colonial setting. The novel revolves around a Nigerian woman who leaves her husband to work as a whore. The author, Ekwuensi, was fascinated by African women but was famous for his sensational novels therefore he treated female characters as those having physical power and those who are vulnerable to the brightness of modern life.

As in the story the heroine is allured by the idea of life in big cities. Despite the fact that it is the brightness of urban life that fascinated Nana she is portrayed as a sentimental character. Unfortunately very little had been written about the great novel and the book itself is not available in most of the cases but the important point is the representation of woman in the novel. She is allured when ‘the magic name’ of Lagos is heard by her, the place, she assumes, where ‘the girls are glossy’, ‘worked in offices like the men’, smoked and were ‘fast’ and ‘free’ with their ‘favors’(Ekwuensi). The character of Nana is not complex and the people she comes across in her life, whores, thugs, politicians, thieves, represent modern Nigerian types. She is shown as the petty one who compares her rural life style with the urban one and finds the latter as ideal. In Lagos, thinks she, life is free and liberating for women and they ‘could go roaming’ in the night from ‘one night spot to the other’(Ekuensi).

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